YCC, Game

I am a student of game design at HKDI. I like games and anime. This is my reason. Also, I like to roam around. Maybe someday we will meet somewhere. City? Village? Sea? Please advise me a lot at that time.

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Paul Tsang, Shooting Post - Production

Hi, I'm Paul. I'm mainly responsible for shooting and post-production, I can also design a website and modify graphics. Click my icon and check my website.

Isaac Yeung, Graphic 2d animation

hey Yo, Isaac here! I am a Transmedia student from HKDI, I am interested to do graphics and animation work. My strengths are graphic design and character design. If you are interesting in my artwork welcome to click my icon and let me show you my fantasy world

Yo, I am kelvin. I focus on animation and logo design. In addition, I am good at designing scenes and characters, and I can also use electric painting and hand-painting skillfully.

Kelvin Cheng, Graphic 2d animation


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