These are the characters from Project 10K

Name: Zeus
Age: 31
Weight: 70kg
Occupation: hitman
Ability: gun shooting
Personality: serious, cold blood

He was an elite hitman for the De Karon family before his enhancement, until losing his hands in an explosion during a mission which left his disabled for life. After that, he stayed within the family and only did work as a low-level member. After a number of suicide attempts, he decided to re-train his body in hopes of one day picking up his pistol again. 

Name: Sammy
Age: 27
Weight: 63kg
Occupation: businessman
Ability: gun shooting, economy, psychology
Personality: mercurial, mysterious
Hobbies: drinking, playing, talking

He is a nemesis to Zeus. He always gets away from Zeus. He owns Sammy juice company which is one of the eight families in the criminal world. He is good at business, he mainly sells alcohol under prohibition. Which allows him to make a huge profit. He once grew up in an orphanage. However, dealing with a crime that occurred in the orphanage, he lost his faith and became twisted.

Name: Drug Dealer
Age: 40
Weight: 83kg
Occupation: Drug Dealer
Ability: economy
Hobbies: drinking

He is a drug dealer, he accidentally got a new drug and he starts to sell in the Kriminal city.